December Announcements

Hello all! We hope your holiday season has been going good so far. Here is the news for this month:

🥘OC dinner & secret Santa🎁
Sunday, December 17th, 3pm, restaurant Rodizio.
There will be no bowling this month, and so we’ve decided to host a dinner meet w/ a secret Santa! In the poll below are some restaurants to pick from as well as a rsvp poll & a poll for participation in secret Santa during dinner. (When choosing gifts for secret Santa please keep gifts below $20.)

🧸Merch announcement:
Unfortunately it’s not looking like the pre-orders for emerald keychains are going to make it. So unfortunately it will be scrapped for now. Merch attempt will be made again next year perhaps for buttons instead.

We are still waiting on assistance from the club administration. Process has become very frustrating/prolonged and the club will be postponed for the time being. Process may be omitted and club will startup unofficially when class resumes in January. We apologize for the inconvenience.

🔗resources reminder!
We want to take a moment to remind everyone of all of our resources available for you all to use!

Our discord; for game nights, movie nights, streaming, & more!:

Art chat & artist list; for artists/fursuit makers or those in search of artists to commission!:

Suggestion box; for comments, questions, complaints, & recommendations:

We now have a new and improved photo group w/ the respective online gallery for those to share/upload open coast photos from our events!

Our full resource message can be viewed here:


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