Major Rules Update.

Hello friends!

We have updated the rules and guidelines, THIS IS A MAJOR UPDATE, you can check them out here:


 ⁃ New spam rules, if it can be one message it should.  There shouldn’t be 10 notifications for what could be one.

 ⁃ Accessibility:  All messages should be a text message and in english.  Excessive use of voice messages may exclude people with hearing disabilities.

 ⁃ Guidelines and rules regarding groups and events using the Open Coast name has been updated, please see the new IP rules if you run a branch group that maintains an OC official status.

 ⁃ If i had a quarter for ever time this has happened i would have two quarters which isn’t a lot but unexpected, we have added rules for illicit content and discussion, please dont incriminate yourself, its a very awkward talk with a police officer.

 ⁃ Advertisement rules have been extended to account for spam that was compliant with past rules.

 ⁃ We pull public records and information if we feel like you are a legitimate threat to safety, we don’t have to say it but we want you to know.

 ⁃ We have expanded the understanding of what you should expect as a member and admin of a OC or OC affiliated group regarding nsfw and sfw groups.


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