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March 23rd Bowling Meet

We are rebooting the bowling meets back onto their original schedule. We are happy to invite everyone back to Oops Alley this March 23rd 6pm – 10pm Currently there are 5 reserved lanes for 4 hours, we may expand our lane reservations tentative to head count and fund availability. Participation is free both to bowl and for shoes. Arcade is separate, so is the food and bar. All you need to do is show up.

Alcohol will be available at the bars and food can be purchased right beside where you get your shoes.

Event Changes

First anyone under the age of 18 will be expected to be accompanied by an adult *and* have a completed permission slip, see here: OC_Parent_Release_Form.pdf. This is required to be printed and handed in to Azo, Hoshiko, or Tarrot by your parent or an approved adult. This new rule is for the protection of everyone attending and minors.

Second running the bowling meet is expensive, we are open this time to take donations to make running the meet possible and possibly open up more lanes, pay for food, and etc. If you want to contribute any is welcome. If you would like to contribute what and individual would cost on the official site a lane is 35 a hour. Again, no money is required for participation. If you would like to contribute you can donate here or message Tarrot2346 on telegram.

A refresher of the rules

We are gonna refresh the rules just to make sure everyone is reminded for those who like to forget them 🙂

  • No bullying or harassment.
  • No unwelcome talks of religion or politics.
  • No inappropriate clothing, accessories, or etc. ( Clothing that I nature is adult ex. pup hoods, clothings or accessories that depicts nsfw topics, images or iconography, and etc )
  • No sharing age restricted material with others. ( Alcohol, tobacco, or etc. )
  • Don’t touch people with ought consent.

Tldr: Don’t be a dick. This is a public event there will be children, be sfw.

When and Where

Where: 3721 US-90, Pace, FL 32571 ( Google Maps | Apple Maps )
When: 6pm to 10pm March 23rd.


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